Friday Night is for Party

Glamour! Romance! Excitement! These are the feelings that come with running a restaurant and I offer up this thrilling tale of what happened last Friday night in the hopes that it won't happen again this Friday night. Usually we get our bread delivery around 2pm and our produce delivery arrives around 10AM every day. Last Friday at 10AM there was no produce. 10:30AM: nothing. 11AM: the same. We called our produce people who implied that we were crazy, but said that they'd look into it in order to soothe our fraying nerves. Then...nothing.

Time passes. We call our produce people again. They say that they've just dropped our delivery off at WD-50 but they're sending the truck back for it right this minute. Now it's 2pm and we notice that our bread isn't here either. I call our bread people. "It's on its way," they say. "It'll be there any minute." I hang up the phone and look around and see that the produce still hasn't materialized. More phone calls. Yes, our produce people say, it's on its way right now. Please, stop bothering us. I hang up and decide to try the bread people again. Our bread people tell us they're backed up but they're getting to us. Now it's 4pm. That's 90 minutes before service begins, and we have no produce and no bread. More phone calls are made. We are stalled. Nothing happens. 5pm. We are now half an hour away from service and we have no produce and no bread.

Fortunately there was enough good produce left over from the day before so we can kind of, sort of get the kitchen together for tonight. As for such animal. Our bread company swears they'll be here before 5:30pm which is when we have our first reservation. Suddenly it's 5:30pm. Our first tables are seated. Still no bread, still no produce. In the kitchen we cross our fingers and pray that no one orders something we can't prepare, like the paella. We have no asparagus. 5:50pm, the first orders come in. Three people have ordered the paella. We begin to fire the dishes, hoping that somehow something will happen that will save us. Maybe we will be visited by elves carrying asparagus? That seems like the best option at this point.

6:05pm: the deliveries arrive. At the same time, of course. We take the boxes of produce directly into the kitchen, wash the asparagus and it goes right onto the grill and three minutes later it's on plates heading to customers. Our bread people offer an explanation: they were jammed up today and didn't even get our bread in the oven until 4pm. It's still warm when it arrives. I have had two small heart attacks during the day and the rest of the kitchen isn't doing any better.

I'd say it was exciting, but that doesn't seem to cover it. Intense? Insane? Some combination of the two: insense? Intane? You wonder why so many chefs do drugs? This is why so many chefs do drugs.