Dear Turbo Air...

(Updated with extra, gross story of quasi-sexual humiliation)

Dear Turbo Air,

You're the worst. No, really. The worst. When I called to let you know that my eight-month-old freezer wasn't working properly you first accused me of lying, saying that my machine was 100% fine even though you hadn't looked at it. Then you flat-out refused to send a technician to look at it even though I said that I would pay for the service call if necessary.

My ice cream looks like soup, and although you told me that this freezer isn't meant to freeze ice cream (something no one mentioned to me when I bought it) it's been freezing my ice cream into a rock hard block of frozen ice cream for the past eight months. Suddenly, it's not. Sounds like a problem to me.

However, my favorite part of the conversation was when you told me that, according to the technician, the unit was working just fine. The technician who never came out to look at the freezer? Yes, that technician. Apparently, he turned invisible and came to my restaurant and somehow checked out the freezer without any of us knowing about it. Amazing!

So thanks, Turbo Air. For your lousy freezer and your horrible customer service and your invisible repair technicians, you have earned the title of "The Worst Company I Deal With."

- Amanda

Update: so a tech from Turbo Air showed up the day after this post went up. He did some things to the freezer for a while, but wouldn't talk to me and then he left. That night, as service started, I checked the freezer and everything was soup. It was now ten degrees ABOVE zero. I called the company and was told that the technician had found nothing wrong, again. I told them he spent a long time working on the unit for nothing to be wrong, and was told to calm down.

I told them we were going into service and I really needed someone to come out that night or first thing in the morning. They hung up on me. I called back and asked why they hung up on me. They hung up on me again. I called back and the guy I was talking to said, "Do you see who the boss is? Do you see? I have all the power, you have none." I asked for a repair technician. He said he would maybe send one but I had to call him "The Big Boss." I called him The Big Boss. Then he asked me to beg him or he said he wouldn't put in the order.

This was extremely humiliating and extremely weird, but what could I do? This is the guy who is running the service for Turbo Air. And so I took a deep breath and said, "Please, Big Boss, send a repair tech tomorrow." He said he would. This is the grossest thing I've run into in a  long time, but when you need your freezer right away what choice do you have? Last night we couldn't sell desserts except for the popcorn pudding thanks to Turbo Air and so we lost a couple of hundred dollars.

Update to the Update: after a few more visits by the Turbo Air service people they still couldn't fix my freezer. The solution? I paid $250 to another company who came in, identified that the problem was that the defrost cycle was incorrectly set, bought a tool to set it correctly, and fixed the issue in less than an hour. Thanks for nothing, Turbo Air!