Missing Blogger Alert

If you were drinking milk this morning you might have seen my face on the back of the carton and wondered: "I didn't know Amanda was missing? Isn't she one of the 100 most powerful jews in the country? What a loss." Don't despair, I haven't been abducted or lured into a maze with no exit and a minotaur in the middle. I've just been getting my butt kicked by restaurant life.

All of us at Dirt Candy have been working like maniacs to get a bunch of things changed in time for the October 29th birthday celebration so I've had people in putting a new exhaust fan in the bathroom, trying to get the heat working right, fixing the dining room lights so we can lower the intensity a bit and really boring things like that. You'd think that if you built a restaurant from scratch you wouldn't still be fixing things a year later, but that's just not the case.



On top of that, one of my refrigerators downstairs keeled over and died on a Saturday night, and we didn't notice until Monday morning. Say hello to a $350 repair bill and goodbye to over $200 worth of food. Then the repair guy told me the fridge next to it was screwed as well, so there's another $450 in repairs. On top of that, we have to renew our health certificate which means that we have to get proof of our current policy from the provider (not as easy as it sounds) and send a $280 check to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. By now, I need mental hygiene myself. And, on top of all of this, we're desperately trying to get two new dishes on the menu.

But rest assured, we're trying to make these changes and fix these little things and not blow our brains out. Dirt Candy: always working for you!