The Glamorous Life of a Chef!

Swanky sparkles! That's what it's like every morning when I get out of bed at 8am. And when I drop my tired ass back into bed at around 1am, leaving a trail of filthy clothes scattered behind me across my apartment floor, I feel like a real celebrity. If you're an actual working chef in your kitchen, the kind who's running the line every night, there is no chance you'll get a big head or become arrogant. Life keeps reminding you that you have the filthiest job on the planet. And you'd better learn to love that filth or you're in the wrong business.

Tres chic! Cleaning a clogged grease trap.Don't worry, it smells worse than it looks.

Oo la la! Is someone in their storage space hunting through months of past credit card receipts because a customer called asking for a hard copy of it for their records? Oui.