The Great Canadian Beer Hall

Every Monday Night!

Some of you may not know this, but I'm a Canadian. And sometimes I miss home, and right now I feel like we all had a hard year, and I feel like America could use some fun and a friend.

So here's an excitement embassy from your neighbour to the north: The Great Canadian Beer Hall.

Every Monday night (5pm to 1am), Dirt Candy turns into the Canadian bar of my dreams: The Great Canadian Beer Hall. There is hockey on TV, a bar menu, a bunch of Canadian beers and whiskey, and Bloody Caesars (Canada's cocktail of choice), and CIT0002E applications for Canadian citizenship are available on request.

The Great Canadian Beer Hall is a home away from home for Canadians living in New York, and a strong and free wonderland for New Yorkers who’ve always wanted a little more Canada in their lives.

A limited bar menu includes poutine, nachos, cheese fries, Nanaimo bars, Moose Ears (delicious golden Canadian doughnuts — choose your topping: Nutella, PB&J, Maple Butter, cinammon sugar), and Spicy Maple Broccoli, but this is a bar, not a restaurant. There are no reservations and no aggravation, only a tantalizing taste of the true north.

No matter how scary the world gets, Canada is your friend always and until the end of time.