Bloody Carrie $16

bloody mary + grilled carrot + mezcal

Jealous Mary $16

bloody mary + green tomato juice

Mimosa Madness $14

yellow pepper mimosa / or cucumber mimosa / or beet mimosa


Celery Rickey $14

Beefeater Gin, Fresh Celery Juice, Seltzer

Radish Gibson $13

gin or vodka, pickled radish

Tijuana Sunrise $14


Poolside Breeze $14


Kale Jungle Bird $14

Dark Rum, Kale, Spinach, Pineapple, Lime

Kentucky Lemonade $13


Autumn Library $13

Scotch, carrot, amaro, orange bitters

Brass Band $13

Bourbon, Fennel, Sparkling Wine

DC Picklebacks $7



Ca’ dei Zago Prosecco Col Fondo$48 bottle, $12 glass

An unfiltered prosecco, touched as little as possible by human hands, this is a cloudy blast of fizzy citrus, with more body, more taste, and more spritz.

Domaine Andre et Mireille Tissot Cremant du Jura Extra Brut Rosé$52 bottle, $13 glass

From my favorite French wine producer, this biodynamic rose is super-bubbly and very dry. Worried about headaches from sparkling wines? Worries begone! This tongue-tingler has almost no sugar.

Franz Strohmeier Rosé Sekt$81

Blauer Wildbacher grapes whipped into a bone dry raspberry foam, made champagne style, with the taste of caramel and gingerbread.

Cidrerie du Vulcain Trois Pepins$52 bottle, $13 glass

The hippest drink in Paris right now is also the number one cider in Switzerland. Made from apples, pears, and quince, the pear adds a cooling blast to the cider. It's unpasteurized, naturally fermented and totally delicious.


Brooks Amycas White$38 bottle, $11 glass

A noble blend from a small, biodynamic, family-owned vineyard in Oregon, they started out wanting to make a Riesling but wound up with this Pinot Noir instead. It's all sparkling diamonds and lemonade with a bright poppy edge of muscat.

Vadiaperti Coda di Volpe$42 bottle, $12 glass

This Southern Italian wine has a steely, mineral kick, a smoky taste, and a hint of seawater. Made of coda di volpe (tail of the fox) grapes, It's like drinking a smoldering underwater volcano.

Stadlmann Rotgipfler Anninger$44 bottle, $11 glass

A cult favorite, this Austrian wine is made of 100% Rotgipfler grapes from a biodynamic vineyard. It's got the taste of stonefruit and is round and silky in your mouth.

Audrey et Christian Binner Riesling Ammerschwihr$60 bottle, $15 glass

Rieslings and vegetables are such time-honored pairing that I resisted having a riesling on my wine list for over 7 years. But this natural wine from Alsace tastes like a country garden and I couldn't resist. It’s dry and mineraly, with a big taste of lemons and figs.

Thurnhoff Goldmuskateller 2011$52 bottle, $13 glass

The greatest discovery ever made at Dirt Candy, this wine pours like liquid gold and has a thick, musty smell of grapes, then it lashes your tongue with pine needles.

Dobra Vinice Cuvée Kambrium Veltlin Ryzlink Sauvignon$60 bottle, $15

WARNING: never drink Czechoslovakian wines...except this one. A natural wine that blends Sauvignon Blanc, Gruner, and Riesling grapes, this sounds like the sweetest most tooth-rotting wine ever. But the natural winemaking process keeps it from getting sugary, and the natural funkiness of the fermentation provides a perfect balance to these grape's natural sweetness, resulting in one of our most beautifully balanced natural wines that's perfect for summer.

Hatzidakis Assyrtiko$55 bottle, $14

Greek wines rock! The Assyrtiko grape from Santorini delivers a mouth-watering glass full of the Aegean Sea. Salty, lemony, bright and acidic, it's a wine that's epically heroic and truly Homeric.

Big Table Farm Edelzwicker$64 bottle

A blend of four noble grapes (Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Silvaner) this Oregon wine has a big personality that's very dry, a little bit funky, and kind of nutty.

Domaine André & Mireille Tissot Chardonnay La Mailloche$85 bottle

I hate Chardonnay, but this isn't the oaky junk you had at your last gallery opening. Sweet and lingering, like being in love, it's big on citrus and smoke, a golden wine that coats your mouth like 14kt honey.


Zuccardi Serie A$40 bottle, $10

Bonarda grapes don't get any respect, but this Argentinian wine from a small, family-owned vineyard deserves it. Dark and leathery, with a long, earthy finish, great tannins, and the taste of root vegeables, it tastes like the ultimate farmer's wine.

Anita & Hans Nittnaus Blaufränkish$44 bottle, $11 glass

If you know Blaufrankish, you love Blaufrankish. If you don't know Blaufrankish, this is the place to start. Creamy, smooth, slightly peppery, with a little bit of slate and limestone, it's as well-rounded and high-performing as a Harvard application.

Domaine des Sablonettes Les Copains Anjou$44 bottle, $11

Ancient, black Grolleau grapes usually make rose' but in this natural wine from the Loire valley they Hulk out to make a big, rustic, super tannic, juicy wine.

Remi Dufaitre l’Air de Rien 2013$55 bottle, $14 glass

From the Beaujolais region, made of 100% Gamay grapes, this wine is like the perfect French exchange student who moves into your house: friendly, silky, fresh, and sweet, without being heavy or overbearing.

Heitz Cellar Grignolino 2012$60 bottle

Made of 100% Grignolino grapes, this California wine is a fiesta of tiny bubbles in your mouth. A smooth jam of currants, tomatoes, and raspberries, it smells a bit dusty, but it's super alive, waking up your mouth like an alarm clock.

Churchill Estates Touriga Nacional Douro$64 bottle, $16

Normally used to make Port, the Touriga Nacional grape is 100% responsible for this thick, herbal Spanish wine. Rich and smooth, it's like drinking a glass full of smoked chocolate rocks.

Clos de Trias Vieilles Vignes 2007$75 bottle

This natural wine is 100% Grenache grapes, and it's a big glass of midnight that lands on your table and wraps you in its cape, like Batman. Or Dracula. A perfume of raspberry hides a deep, complicated heart of darkness.