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  • Where are you? What are your hours? How do I get there?
    All that info is available right here.

  • I have dietary restrictions. What can you do for me?
    Vegan? Just tell your server when you sit down. All our dishes can be made vegan.
    Gluten-free? Just tell your server when you sit down. Several appetizers and entrees can be prepared gluten-free. For brunch we have fewer options for our gluten-free guests.
    Allergies? Tell us when you make a reservation and we'll do our best to accommodate you. It's probably best to give us a call (212.228.7732).

  • Do you serve alcohol?
    Yes, we serve every alcohol you can imagine, from beer, to wine, to hard liquor, both brown and clear. Our cocktail, wine, and beer lists are here.

  • Can I be your intern?
    We want that to happen, too. Just send an email to info@dirtcandynyc.com with a resume attached or a letter to let us know your current level of experience. Someone will get back to you.

  • Do you sell cookbooks? What if I require Dirt Candy merch?
    Your wish is our command. Head on over to the Dirt Candy Store to get signed cookbooks, tote bags, and t-shirts in every color of the rainbow (black or white only). We also sell cookbooks, tote bags, t-shirts, and gift certificates at the restaurant.

  • Do you sell gift certificates?
    Those are in the Dirt Candy Store too!

  • Why don't you take tips? And why are your prices so high?
    I’ve gone deep on the math and the reasons elsewhere, but the short answer is that I want to pay all my employees a better wage, and the only way to do that is to eliminate tipping and raise my menu prices by 20%. Your meal still costs the same amount of money, only now instead of hiding 20% of the cost of your meal as a “tip” or “admin fee” it's right there in plain sight. This allows me to raise the salaries of all my staff, from my dishwashers to my cooks to my servers.

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  • If it's so hard to get a reservation why do you sometimes have empty tables?
    I get that it can be frustrating to score a reservation at Dirt Candy and see some empty tables in the dining room but, trust me, there's a reason. Sometimes there's a no-show or a last minute cancellation, but more often the reason is that I don't want to rush my diners, so everyone gets their table for around 2 - 3 hours. That means if a reservation ends at 7:30 we may not have a reservation at that table until 9pm and because I don't want to jam someone in for only 90 minutes that table will sit empty until the 9pm reservation shows up. Trust me, I want my tables full every second of every night, but managing reservations is playing Tetris with tables and sometimes a few of them sit empty for the greater good.