Tuesday, January 24th @ 8pm

Winter Wine Dinner

In the middle of January, I guarantee one thing: you're going to need a drink. So come down to Dirt Candy where we're hosting our Winter Wine Dinner.

Six wines, six courses, and not just any wines, but natural wines. Tickets are on sale here.

Natural wines are made with no herbicides, no pesticides, little sulfur and copper, and they're vinified with indigenous yeast. They taste more alive than other wine, and to guide you through the evening we'll have Nick Gorevic with us. Nick works with Jenny & François Selections, one of New York's first natural wine importers, and he's been bringing natural wines to the people since 2008.

Tonight he's going to be focusing on orange wines which are in high demand right now, splitting wine experts over whether they're the next big thing or a trend that must be squashed. As Wine Enthusiast states, "despite all of the hype (both pro and con), the jury’s still out for the majority of American wine drinkers, as they’ve never tasted them." On January 24th, we're going to do our best to fix that.

Left in contact longer with their skins, orange wines are ultra-aromatic and bursting with complexity. They can be light and fruity like a white wine or deep and structured like a red wine, so they're perfect for a wine dinner because there's an orange wine for every food pairing and every mood.

Our Winter Wine Dinner is 

$100/person, which includes the tip (but not the tax). Tickets are on sale here.

So join us in the middle of the darkest month to drink some of the best wine.

Monday nights, starting Jan. 23

The Great Canadian Beer Hall

Some of you may not know this, but I'm a Canadian. And sometimes I miss home, and right now I feel like we all had a hard year, and I feel like America could use some fun and a friend.

So here's an excitement embassy from your neighbour to the north: The Great Canadian Beer Hall.

Every Monday night, starting January 23rd (5pm to 1am), I'll be turning Dirt Candy into the Canadian bar of my dreams: The Great Canadian Beer Hall. There will be hockey on TV (starting with the Toronto Maple Leafs game on 1/23), a bar menu, a bunch of Canadian beers and whiskey, and Bloody Caesars (Canada's cocktail), and CIT0002E applications for Canadian citizenship will be available on request.

The Great Canadian Beer Hall is a home away from home for Canadians living in New York, and a strong and free wonderland for New Yorkers who’ve always wanted a little more Canada in their lives.

A limited bar menu includes poutine, nachos, cheese fries, Nanaimo bars, Beaver Tails (choose your topping: Nutella, PB&J, or cinammon sugar), and Spicy Maple Broccoli, but this is a bar, not a restaurant. There are no reservations and no aggravation, only a tantalizing taste of the true north.

No matter how scary the world gets, Canada will always be your friend.