Every Monday Night!

The Great Canadian Beer Hall

Some of you may not know this, but I'm a Canadian. And sometimes I miss home, and right now I feel like we all had a hard year, and I feel like America could use some fun and a friend.

So here's an excitement embassy from your neighbour to the north: The Great Canadian Beer Hall.

Every Monday night (5pm to 1am), Dirt Candy turns into the Canadian bar of my dreams: The Great Canadian Beer Hall. There is hockey on TV, a bar menu, a bunch of Canadian beers and whiskey, and Bloody Caesars (Canada's cocktail of choice), and CIT0002E applications for Canadian citizenship are available on request.

The Great Canadian Beer Hall is a home away from home for Canadians living in New York, and a strong and free wonderland for New Yorkers who’ve always wanted a little more Canada in their lives.

A limited bar menu includes poutine, nachos, cheese fries, Nanaimo bars, Moose Ears (delicious golden Canadian doughnuts — choose your topping: Nutella, PB&J, Maple Butter, cinammon sugar), and Spicy Maple Broccoli, but this is a bar, not a restaurant. There are no reservations and no aggravation, only a tantalizing taste of the true north.

No matter how scary the world gets, Canada is your friend always and until the end of time.

Wednesday, April 5 @ 8pm

Hanami Sake Dinner - Sold Out!

This event is sold out. Sorry! But there will be more!

Hanami is the time in Japan between March and May when the cherry blossoms bloom and everyone goes on picnics to soak in their beauty. And the traditional beverage for these parties? Sake.

We're not going to have cherry blossoms at Dirt Candy but we are going to have sake. In fact, we're using hanami as an excuse to show you that sake doesn't just pair with Japanese food, it pairs with everything. Sake is incredibly versatile because it's designed to accompany food, and this is going to be an explosion of flavors that will change how you think about sake (if you even thought about it at all).

We're teaming up with Sam Barickman, a Kikisake-shi (sake sommelier) at Zuma NYC, to deliver a six-course dinner, each course paired with a different sake.

Sam says:
"We'll be pouring sake from all grades, Junmai to Daiginjo, that range from full-bodied, earthy, and assertive, to delicate, complex, and aromatic. I'll also have some more unique styles that will give even a more experienced sake drinker something to enjoy."

What's the menu?
This dinner will be a mix of Dirt Candy favorites but I'll also be using this as an opportunity to introduce a few new dishes. And trust me, one of them is really exciting (to me, at least).

Tickets are $120/person (tip included, but not tax). And they are on sale now.

So welcome Spring with a dizzying array of delicious sakes and some new summer dishes at Dirt Candy this April. Seriously, I'm ready for this winter to be over.

(Check out the Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Hanami Watch — a regularly updated weather report letting visitors know when the cherry blossoms will bloom.)

4/27 (daughters) & 4/22 (sons)

Take Your Daughter to Dinner Day, Take Your Son to Brunch

One event every year means a lot to me, and that's Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Thursday, April 27). Kids are like tiny sponges that soak up everything they see, and the way I learned to work was watching my parents. They didn't even know they were doing it, but to this day I have work habits that I learned from watching them. And, call me crazy, but I feel like this year it's more important than ever to let young women know that there is a place for them in the world and that the way the world actually works has little to do with what they see on TV.

I want to invite mothers and daughters to stop by Dirt Candy after a hard day at work on Take Your Daughter to Dinner Day so you two can unwind, have a drink, and wonder what, exactly, is Ian in Accounting's damage. On Thursday, April 27, any parent dining here with their daughter gets a four-course dinner for two and a drink for only $80 (tip included, each additional daughter is $40). The menu includes:

  • Popcorn Beets & Shanghai Shoots
  • Broccoli Hot Dogs
  • Brussels Sprout Tacos
  • Your Choice of Dessert
  • A stiff drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

We did this at the restaurant last year and nothing made me happier than looking out over a dining room packed with mothers, fathers, and their daughters, sharing a meal after a long day at the office. Call the restaurant to make a reservation (212-228-7732).

But this year there is one big difference. Due to popular demand, we're also holding an event for sons. On Saturday, April 22, we're having Take Your Son to Brunch Day. Chances are, you've been slammed with work all week, so why not make some time to have breakfast with the most important man in your life?

That day, any parent having brunch with their son(s) at Dirt Candy gets a set menu and a drink for only $22 per person (tip included):

  • Red Pepper Fritters or a Pumpkin Biscuit
  • A Canadian Cracker or Zucchini Pancakes
  • A drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

Brunch runs from 11am - 3pm. Call the restaurant to make a reservation (212-228-7732).