4/27 (daughters) & 4/22 (sons)

Take Your Daughter to Dinner Day, Take Your Son to Brunch

One event every year means a lot to me, and that's Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Thursday, April 27). Kids are like tiny sponges that soak up everything they see, and the way I learned to work was watching my parents. They didn't even know they were doing it, but to this day I have work habits that I learned from watching them. And, call me crazy, but I feel like this year it's more important than ever to let young women know that there is a place for them in the world and that the way the world actually works has little to do with what they see on TV.

I want to invite mothers and daughters to stop by Dirt Candy after a hard day at work on Take Your Daughter to Dinner Day so you two can unwind, have a drink, and wonder what, exactly, is Ian in Accounting's damage. On Thursday, April 27, any parent dining here with their daughter gets a four-course dinner for two and a drink for only $80 (tip included, each additional daughter is $40). The menu includes:

  • Popcorn Beets & Shanghai Shoots
  • Broccoli Hot Dogs
  • Brussels Sprout Tacos
  • Your Choice of Dessert
  • A stiff drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

We did this at the restaurant last year and nothing made me happier than looking out over a dining room packed with mothers, fathers, and their daughters, sharing a meal after a long day at the office. Call the restaurant to make a reservation (212-228-7732).

But this year there is one big difference. Due to popular demand, we're also holding an event for sons. On Saturday, April 22, we're having Take Your Son to Brunch Day. Chances are, you've been slammed with work all week, so why not make some time to have breakfast with the most important man in your life?

That day, any parent having brunch with their son(s) at Dirt Candy gets a set menu and a drink for only $22 per person (tip included):

  • Red Pepper Fritters or a Pumpkin Biscuit
  • A Canadian Cracker or Zucchini Pancakes
  • A drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

Brunch runs from 11am - 3pm. Call the restaurant to make a reservation (212-228-7732).